Web Stories.

Introducing web stories mobile sites that tell your story. Swipeable mini-sites & landing pages, optimised for mobiles, are finally here. Stories come included with paid Sitelium plan.

More than 50 template group available.

Get a head start with our template designs specifically made for Stories. All of them are included with paid Sitelium plan.

Fast to Create

There are no complicated install procedures required. Just use Sitelium as usual and create stories in a heart-beat.

Modern & Visual

All the modern social apps like Instagram, Snap or YT have some sort of Stories builder. Why not Stories for the web?

Optimised for Mobiles

Experience the best experience a mini website could have on a mobile: pefectly sized & swipeable

Web stories are best used by.

  • Marketers
  • Content creators
  • Shop owners
  • News outlets


Present offers and promotions: engagingly presenting a promo will grab potential customers' attention, generate more leads and increase conversion.

Mobile landing pages: web stories are perfect for landing pages because they have the perfect natural funnel interaction from slide to slide.

Content creators

Content creators

Posts as short web stories: deliver the news (or an excerpt) in a quick, easy-to-digest web story.

Content previews: use web stories to capture interest for your content or blog post.

How-to guides: web stories work great for how-to guides where you can present each step of the process in a separate slide in the story.

Shop owners

Shop owners

Product previews/showcase: influence buying decisions with web stories by creating interactive, virtual, and clickable product showcases.

Client follow-up: use the contact form to ask for testimonials or do follow-ups with your clients in a creative way via a nice web story.

News outlets

News outlets

Present news in a visual way: attract viewers by presenting news in an easy-to-follow way

Get views from younger audience: using swipeable stories, the new generation will be better served when it comes to news.

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