Create membership sites & online courses.

Show membership content only to certain visitors, based on their user roles. Where users have accounts, can login/register, access different information based on roles, post content, and more.

Based on User Roles

Our Membership functionality works with User roles that can be defined in Sitelium CMS, under the Assets tab.

Use at block level

Content can be fine-tuned and restricted at block level, making it more versatile and easier to use.

Paywall (coming soon)

Restrict premium content behind a paywall, using Sitelium Membership functionality together with Stripe or PayPal


Users that are not logged-in will only see the free content.

You can enable Membership functionality for any section or design block on your site pages. This will make the blocks only visible to certain visitors, based on their user roles (default or custom)


Logged-in version of the same page now shows the premium content.

This is the same exact page as the previous example but with membership blocks shown, depending on the login state.

Works with default user roles, logged or not-logged, plus your own custom defined roles.

Besides the default roles, we’ve also created a way to let you add Custom Roles. All of this is Sitelium PRO functionality which, together with Sitelium Templates creation, allows you to extend the site's functionality to unlimited posibilities.

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