Your website in multiple languages.

Sitelium allows you to create websites in multiple languages, automatically.


Instantly translate all content using full Automation.

Sitelium integrates with leading 3rd party solutions to instantly translate from and into multiple languages.

Google Translate integration

Included in all Sitelium PRO plans


Media translations built-in.

Besides translating text content, you can also use multiple languages for media content, enabling multiple variants of the same image for each localization.

Multi-language media assets

Manage everything in one place

Language Block

Full control over your language switcher on the front end.

The multilingual functionality is composed of a couple of tools natively integrated with Sitelium that let you translate your website into multiple languages. This feature is available in Sitelium Free, but it is limited to only 1 extra language (besides the original language of your website) and manual translation.


Make Public

This lets you translate everything, iron everything out first, work on the draft, and then make the new language public.


This functionality will translate all strings automatically, using 3rd party service from Google Translate. Only in PRO plans.


If you have this turned on your browser will automatically redirect visitors based on their browser language.

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